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Elect The Dead (Limited Edition)

Elect The Dead (Limited Edition)

love that you bring, it brings me along. the pain that you give, gives me a home. do you wanna stay by my side, do you want me to turn and hide.

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At first I thought this is gonna be a hard rock music, I was surprised it's eerie-good. I love Coldplay and the Script, Serj T. is a the slower version of them with a little to almost no drum beats. It's too bad that I can only purchase this on Amazon, where I still need to pay for package forwarding service to have the CD shipped to my country. I guess I'll stick with iTunes for now.

Wow it's limited edition. This album is great and I love it so much.

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This is a great song. It reminds me of my father who gave me a wholesale jewelry supplies. I miss my father so much. Thumbs up for this album.