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Harakiri (Deluxe Version)


West Coast beats

I enjoy listening this type of music but also I love listening to West Coast beats
while I`m driving. I`ve got a lot of CDs.

I enjoy listening this type of music but also I love listening to West Coast beats while I`m driving. I`ve got a lot of CDs.

oh my god, i had been waiting for this movies, thanks for posting this . this is so interesting for me, i will pay for this as soon as possible. once again, i said "Thank You" Blog Petang

One of the most Perfect Album I had a chance to heard in my life. All songs make my soul travel to an undisclosed world; trouble my emotions, put my body in trance, in peace with myself. Your songs and my soul, linked.
Ad vitam aeternam Thanks, Mister Tankian.
See you in Paris 19/10 !

Being a proud owner of all previous ST and SOAD albums, I can only say I'm looking forward to listening to this album!

I'll get it as soon as I can buy the Deluxe edition on disc :o)
Step it up, I'm willing to wait forever.

Hi Serj, just recieved your new album today in my letterbox and it's awesome! watching harakiri on youtube brought tears to my eyes as i watched it with my two sons, your music and aura have influenced the way i raise my children. Please make another album soon too.

Harakiri is my favorite album, but I'm sad, 'cause I can't buy it because my family doesn't have a credit card, and no shop sells this album in Santiago, Chile :(

The song, Harakiri, stands alone as yet another great piece of musical and lyrical genius from the ever impassioned mind of Serj Tankian. However, when paired with the music video, the experience of hearing such dramatic - even terrifying - lyrics and then seeing right in front of your face the horrors that have existed, do now exist, or will SOON exist in OUR world is truly moving. Simultaneously terrifying and inspiring. Made me immediately ask myself "What the hell am I doing right now- tonight-tomorrow-next week to make a change in this worldwide epidemic of hatred and war? Of poverty and fear?" I'm already coming up with so many possible ideas of things I can do on a small local level and who knows! Maybe I'll end up seeing some of you 'warrior environmentalists' and peaceful activists out there doing good works.
SERJ: NEVER STOP WRITING MUSIC!!! There is something very beautiful in your quiet activism (and your unbearably sexy voice set to even sexier harmonies is just plain orgasm-inducing - you should take pride :)