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Imperfect Harmonies

Imperfect Harmonies

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Hi, solo quería decir que me encanta pensar que alguien siente lo mismo que yo! refiriendome a Serj y sus composiciones, porque cuando escucho sus canciones, sus melodias y el sentimiento que esconden es como escuchar mis pensamientos, nostalgicos pero en e fondo con un toque de no se qué, que me da esperanzas!
Beatus significa mucho para mí realmente, todas las canciones me gustan pero esa en particular me mata, la escucho una y otra vez! Serj ojalá pudieras leer esto!

I enjoy your weblog and will sign up to your feed so I will not miss anything. Fantastic content.

Western cultures have had a chief pressure on the growth of harmony. The past of the music of the Western Good Night Status society can be draw back to early Greece period.

Everyone's just cat-and-mouse for Serj to be admiring with his solo project, again SOAD will be back. Apotheke online
John said it ability happen next year, I just wish another SOAD album..

We appreciate the particular song! thank you for importing this for us to pay attention. Lets hope to hear far more things like this kind of soon. love hurts quotes || broken heart quotes

how can i download this musics pleas send the way in my email

I acquire never had a song i abominable by this authentic visionary, Serj Tankian is the authentic alternation of music.Mensagens Para Facebook I acquire been in fact advancing by this man and his work, and i acclamation this new cd and cannot adjournment for Serj to arise to Indiana. Serj, Mensagens Para Celularcharm arise to Fort Wayne, me and a lot of bodies would in fact applause you to arise to the coliseum. :)

I liked the music saw
congratulations ... ♥

'Imperfect Harmonies' is a full album. Single with their strong lyrics and catchy, it made me cry, thinking about many things and laugh. It could only leave a genius like Tankian. So thank Serj.
Fan from Brasil!

The Best Album EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!everrrr!!!!!!!everrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.s : Sorrent for my long comment bellow..

This Album Is Simply Genius, If you lisent to "Borders Are" , "Reconstructive Demonstrations" & "Deserving?" As Orchestral Song, Part Of The Deluxe Edittion, you will find new song. its completly different, as for "Goddamn Trigger" its simply genius, its the "Praise The Lrod & Pass The Ammunition" Of Elect The Dead, In A Better Way ! Some People will find the intro annoying, but overall its a great song. i particully enjoy the symphonic version of this song, of the Promotional 3CD of the album. check out on youtube the orchestral version of goddamn trigger !

Each song if this album are masterpice, depending on people,Heres a little review..

Disowned Inc. : The opening song of the album, simply show everything in the album, Symophoic parts,electronic,rock & jazz. its a song that you cant hate ;) 8/10

Borders Are.. : Tipically what the word Jazz & electronic mean. this song let you think, wiht his lyrics, quite repetitive , but thats whats is suposed to mean, ourselves, as civilisation

Deserving? : A Love Song at his 100% . who dont like symphonic-rock turning to disco & jazz ? U Can't say "i'm not dancing on that song" u lisent to it, u dance, thats all
Beatus : This is clearly an Acoustic-Electronic Song. for the electronic lover, this is YOUR song on the album, lots of electronic & crazy stuff, the electro lover will like it, for those who prefer symphonic & rock, like me, wont apreciate it at 100% : 6/10

Reconstructive Demonstrations : Again, serj created us a MASTERPIECE. this song is fantastic, its a song that make you move & definitly let you think, the music video, who show clearly what hapened to our world & the orchestral version & rock version as as magical as the album version ! 8/10

Electron `: what we sall an Symphonic-Jazz Song, people who enjoyed at 210% ETD Symphony , wil adore that song, the lyrics are fabulous, the music is fantastic, nothiing against that song ! 8/10

Gate21 : If you are an conspiracist, this song is for you, as the same for ETD Symphony, the voice of serj on that song is quite different, theres no "High octave" in the ending as The symphony version , although, violons are added on that version, its magical, everyone wil like this song, if you don't. then its not our problem. 9/10

Yes, I'ts Genocide : For The First time, serj sing an armenian song, whitout his dad, on the Armenian genocide, the translated lyrics show what armenina have been going into, this ong is calm as for the instruemtnal, serj voice is simply beautifull along with the piano & violons 9/10

Peace Be Revenged : With the ETDS Tour, Serj Showed us perview of that song, in orchestral version, and & were all amazed by this song, the heart put into this song in live show are simply magical, then when we heard the album verison, Almost everyone were disapointed as for the chorus of thesong & the back vocal, the instrumetns are AMAZING, but again the voice of serj on that song. is not that good. i would believe that if teh back vocal wouldnt be there the song would be better, again, a live version of this song is far better ! 6/10

Left Of Center

The "Empty Walls" Of ETD, a Hard rock song, hard sounds pitching violence everywhere, a song that want u to scream along with serj & say "FUCK GOVERNMENT !" 9/10

Wings Of Summer : Clearly the "Elect The dead" of imperfect harmonies, serj sing along in a soft song with one of his friend, ( a girl) is apaising, a good song to relax to & enjoy !

Goddamn Trigger : If you want a song that has humour,reality,violence & lots of other emotions, this song is for you, its the "PTLAPTA" Of "ETD" Its a Song that u want to sign with, with opinions . its an overall of imperfect harmonies, better than "Disowned Inc." As for myself, if imperfect harmonies was a song, it would be this one, the violons & piano of the song is simply magestic, every one should have a copy of the japanese version of this aalbum, or the MP3 of that song, its clearly a masterpiece ! 10/10

Thank you !

How can I describe it, it´s perfect.!!! Even better than the first record, don´t wanna stop listening it.


Com todo respeito aos vocalistas de grandes
bandas que seguiram carreira solo ,mas Serj
foi o que teve mais êxito, e assim como Thom
Yorke ,mostrou que e extraordinariamente
talentoso.Eu já tinha achado o disco
"Electric The Dead" excepcional mais
"Imperfect Harmonies" me fez amar ainda mais
sua musica ,parabens pelo album ele me traz
sensações fantasticas !!!

imperfect harmonies is a perfect harmony to my ear ^^

By the way everyone, the song "Godd*** Trigger" is not posted on this listing because it's a bonus track for the deluxe addition, but I highly recomend buying it. It is one of my favorites on the album and even though the topic is a little controversial and many people disagree with the sentiment of the song, it's very well written and it is one of the best on the album

serj, you are a magic-men.
thank you so much for the beautiful music

Serj beautiful album. I love every song on it. I got the limited edition and i am enjoying it to its fullest. You truly know how to make a masterpiece.

'Imperfect Harmonies' is no 'Toxicity', but comparing Serj Tankian to System of a Down is like comparing bacon to pork; it comes from the same pig but it tastes completely different.
The opening song "Disowned Inc." is the heaviest track on the album and is a nice mix between hard rock and jazz. "Borders Are..." is a very nice song with catchy lyrics "Here's my song for the free, no, it's not about praise and publicity".
"Deserving?" which has become one of my favorite songs on the album is much like "Honking Antelope" from 'Elect the Dead' as it took me two or three plays to really enjoy it for what it is. "Beatus" is nothing special and you will probably find yourself skipping this one, the same can be said for "Reconstructive Demonstrations" and "Electron".

The album really picks up again with "Gate 21" my most anticipated song from the album with wonderful lyrics and tone it is refreshing having heard the last three songs. "Yes, It's Genocide" is a beautiful song written in Armenian and I must admit, it had me in tears. "Peace Be Revenged" sadly is another skipper as it just differs to much from the rest of the album.

"Left of Center" is the strongest song on the album; A fantastic chorus, smartly written lyrics and a tune you will find yourself singing to. The last song "Wings of Summer" is another song you won't listen to very often which is a sad way to end the album.

Well you're not going to get a "Lie Lie Lie" or "Ski Is Over", 'Imperfect Harmonies' is great for it's own reasons, with 6/11 songs being fairly strong songs it is worth picking this album up. My overall rating is 3.5/5

YES! EVERYONE BUY IT!!!! You are the best Serj. I don't care about those culturally dead people who give your songs bad reviews on itunes on the grounds of it not being System of a Down. I at least understand your music and see that you have transcended past SOAD and are now your own elite music. Besides, where on IH does it say you're trying to be like SOAD? Nowhere, exactly. Good job Serj. Sign autographs in San Diego area please! I just want to tell you i am a fan in person so I know you know. haha. BEST ALBUM EVER.



I'm wondering, since albums in the UK are always released on a Monday, do we get it on the 20th? Do we wait until the 21st, or do we wait a whole other week and get it on the following Monday? Thanks :)

hi, i just think it's too stupid to create a new song(that i love) who said than we'ra gone too far etc...a really engaged song and at the same time do really stupid things like an Iphone app..what does that mean?have you really got something to say, something gones wrong in this world, or do you just want to have money?I will buy this new disc but I doesn't understand the way you're going.

Serj Serj Serj Serj....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looking forward to the release :)

I have never had a song i disliked by this true visionary, Serj Tankian is the true definition of music. I have been truly inspired by this man and his work, and i applaud this new cd and cannot wait for Serj to come to Indiana. Serj, please come to Fort Wayne, me and a lot of people would absolutely love you to come to the coliseum. :)

OMG!! i want this albun
i love this new miusic that you create
is mazing...
lov u 4ever maria!!

Serj is a genius. his music moving us stirring our hearts. Thank you Serj

Is it just in England, or has the release date been put back to the 21st everywhere? Gutted, man.

Wow!!! You are the best... I like so much your music man... I hope someday to includes in your tour the Venezuelan country... Here are A lot of fans people yours... Kisses for you... Muackk!!!!

sincerely, you are like the wine, when more time passed, more quality,but you in yours songs, I can't wait for the new album's release.
please, come to Spain, we'll very glad to see you here.
thanks for your music!! you're the best.
regards from Granada, Spain.