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When you(serj tankian) come to indonesia?we miss you

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a little surprise for a big fan

serj hello, I hope you read it, I would like to ask you a little surprise to do to my sister who is dying ,the cause is an aneurysm, she is a fighter and will make it because there is already struggling against MS, she is in a coma from 00:00 on the day of Christmas day, she is a huge fan of your estimate you, she introduced me to the soad, do not ask you to come here would be too much, but I wanted to ask if you could send a small dedication to read him more and over again hoping to wake up and do not leave us she is very serious but fortunately it is stable enough ... a few sentences ...

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Thanks for your rhymes

Hi, Serj!!!!!!!

If you ever read this:
Thank you for your rhymes!!!
You make Million People feel better. That means so much more than Money. So you don´t need to eat a lime:))

P.S: Thanks also for the clear words at the end of track 2. Respect for censor yourself! Fortunately I bought your disc and have the textbook.

(And of course I´m not eating seeds as a pastime activity!!!)

learning living love

hey guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not intressted in the would war. I wanna to learn live without beaing scared or angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanna learn show my familily how much i love them and my friendns.

I belive in the would PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really BeLIVE pleace belive with me.

Eyerybody is talking about war but who is talking about making peace???????????????????????????????

In Love
Your Snowwhite

Make love not war!

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