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im new here but ive always been a long ways with serj's music

im 14 years old and serj if your reading this I would like to thank you for the big change you have made in my life.You made me feel like I was really needed or important in a way, and all of this with your music.I really want to talk to you in a chat I play the guitar and I wanted to know if you could give me some advice on how to be better my email is "" on face book PLEASE add me so I can chat with you .All my life I wanted to be somebody but I never knew whom but now I know I want to be like you.

Thank You

It's not "blog" or sth like that... I just wat to tell - Thank You for your fight and strength. I admire Your determination. I wish I could scream enough loud to be heard…. There are still too much injustice, too much fake history in schools, to much lies... Maybe one day this world will be better because there are still people like You. Thank You. Nowadays it’s a huge courage to be a Good Man. Take care and have a good day. Greetings from Poland.


A 2 -A statement given to the police
        The undersigned , declare the following Oancea Adina Claudia :


To the world

Jesus I know 7 years is in Romania.Se zile.Acesta under Ciprian priest Prisiceanau form of Targoviste , Romania.Isi can change shape, he wants to be there when I met recunoscut.De not did was destroy my life step by step.
I was married to a wonderful officer Major Romanian Intelligence Service Targoviste named Marius Catalin Oancea and in our love resulted in a special child , Claudius , it pursued with almost 9 ani.MA me excited , I disarmed I was a real " " Capricorn ascendant in Leo " made ​​me fall in love with him, and then he made ​​fun of me and my marriage .

The man the artist

just a blog for all fans and all members for the creativ here what you want and see me on facebook RUDY VUILLEMARD i m french man who love the artist the man and the voice......thanks all!


que emociooon!!!!!

A flow for Serj and the community

Everyone has their swords drawn on me but still I choose the ladder
so they scatter in desperation to pick up the broken shards of collateral they gathered
the only that matters to them are the investments they made in being controlled
they play their rolls to fill their holes
and who knows
maybe they'll win the bet with the forces in which they've gambled their souls
logically oblivious to a freedom that symbolizes unity
cutting everything in half
over interpreting the simplest of beauties
polished rubies seem to come before your duties and responsibilities as a man on earth

Songs i wrote.

You feel our cold hand around your neck
We want to break it and bring some reck
Our desire for a hurling fire
Is nothing compared to our denial
You fear us, we don’t fear you
That’s the thoughts we have grew
Piece of hell falling from the sky
And yet we look up and wonder why
You hope there will be someone
But you know no one

Our denial, breaks your smile
“What is happening” you ask?
We don’t know, we have a task
Of destroying with our knife
All life.

Close your eyes, nothings real
Close your eyes, you should not feel
All the pain you always get

Embracing Transformation

I want to take this time to thank Serj Tankian among many other artist who continue to present higher ideals to the masses. I think of Serj as a modern day Johnny Appleseed, spreading seeds of a higher consciousness and speaking for those who dare to question the abuse of their true nature. We need to embrace the inter-connectedness and love that we are destined to claim as human beings. Please someone tell me that I am not the only one who recognizes the obvious compassionate pleading for humanity that this man so beautifully displays throughout all his forms of art.

a poem and a koan for all

what is the mysterious force behind movement
this ultimately subtle continuity for which all is a vehicle
how gracefully it flows through the infinite faces of design
infinitely now

what is between every word
what is between every breath
what is between every thought