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Hi Jancucha

Cau Jano,
vidim Czech Republic, tak zdravim..
Rad poznavam nekoho, kdo posloucha muziku z tohoto webu..

Hi Serj

I am a bit starving of your presence in city on Thames.
..Any planned performance in London 2015 in person??

I like to share a poem

I have got a Poem, which I would like to share. Don`t know if it`s the right place or time, but as it seems writing is the only thing I can do well, I do it.
(I´m sorry for mistakes. The original I wrote in German language.)

My favourite tree

Coulered roofs, new houses, wide streets, new ways -
the world around has changed-
when I move out of place!
The secret places of my childhood-
they`re clearly in my mind.
The old hedge where we played games-
big machines smashed down it`s Wood-
I will them never again find!
The small wooden pathes,
where I walked along for years-
they vanished just over night,
during my sleep in morning light.
Machines are cutting brown stripes in the grounds-
my favourite tree has already gone-
for me they look like open wounds.
I`m feeling like fever-
I ordered them never!

The world moves too fast,
we`re figures on the board!
Can`t find a place iin my life,
when old things move away!

Time-work companys dominate economy-
the new trend is to fire!
"Human Ressources" is the word they found,
what means we are replacable-
the same as all plants on the ground!
My favourite tree has gone away long time!
time is Money-
nothing is forever!
Fast Food just with double meat-
for comfort I ordered it with fever!

The world moves too fast,
we all are figures on the board!
Can`t find a place in my life,
when old things move away!

The loosers of society-
they locked them away!
In closed hospitals with synthetic light-
psycho-pills Shell bring them through the night!
They`re infected with disease of Zivilisation,
in a sad and tired nation,
where neighbours run away without greet-
there is no need for creed.
Where everyone fights his own fight-
there`s no happiness inside!
My favourite tree- it is forgotten!
nobody cares about!

The world moves too fast,
we all are figures on the board!
Can`t find a place in my life,
when all things move away!

any tours this year?

Hi, I was just wondering if you plan any tour this year or anytime next year around Europe? It would make us very happy if we could see you live anywhere! Thanks a lot for reply.

All the best of the world

Hello, Serj!! My name is Lorena, I have seventeen years old and I'm brazilian. I'm sooo happy to have the opportunity to write here! I knew some musics of SOAD, like "Chop Suey!" and "Toxicity", when I was a little child. But just in 2011, when I saw your show in "Rock in Rio" on my tv, I really discovered your magnifical work. I start to search about your history, of System of a Down, your projects, the significate of your musics... There are so much to know: SOAD, Orca, Harakiri, Jazz iz Christ... And today I know that this was one of the best things that happened in my life: I hear your music and feel what you want to pass with it; it's exciting! I admire so much your projects to help the armenians: I think it's an absurd the schools of Brazil don't talk about it... Why the Nazism it's teach and the question of Armenia not? Both are so much important and can't be forgotten. I'm realizing a project in my school, with assistance of my history teacher, to inform my friends about the fact, so I can help to improve the world. My biggest dream is see your show in my country, it would be so nice!!! Your music change my life and I'll never forget it. Thank you so much for all, I love you!!

Just do it!

Awesome site! will definitely share with my friends. Most the time its not the destination we arrived at, but the way we got do you want to get to yours? Actions can inspire!

Orange Grove

концерт в москве

хэллоу май фрэнд) that you prepare for a performance in Moscow? give me two tickets eh? otherwise I'll make Cthulhu deal with you, my young friend...

Hello Serj

hello my name is Giovanna i´m from Uruguay
i hope some day you come here or Argentina
i realy want see a live, your music is really great
thanks for your muisic
you never stop doing your music :)

How long?

How long will it take before our fan photos are approved? Its been over a week, so I'm just wondering if it went through or not. Thanks

Tour 2012

Hello Serj,

I just wanted to tell you that I really adimire you as an artist, and
I'm so happy I saw you live 2 years ago in Greece. I still remember those great momments.
I won't ask you to come again this year because I know you guys have many plans and your schedule is full.
I really wish I had the opportunity to listen to you new album live but I know that is not possible this year.
I hope you'll visit us too the next year!
I wish you the best.
Your fan,

Speachless at the Awesomeness of Harakiri

Hello my friend! I just purchased your new Album today and have been waiting for a while to get the opportunity to, the wait was well worth it and I had repetitive eargasms listening to it and still do :-D Just wanted to say THANK YOU for your amaizing contribution to music and humanitarian activism. We need more people like you in the world!

PLEASE come to South Africa, Johannesburg!? I think you toured this side with SOAD but I was to young and dumb to go out back then!

Be blessed Serj, and never stop doing what you do!!!


Me thinks it's about time to buy that new amazing album on Amazon, yes indeed. :)

Special edition Pre Order in Canada

I don't know that I will be pre ordering another item in the future. Last year with Imperfect Harmonies it took Months after the album was released before I even got my CD and canvas, they did give me a free shirt though for my extended wait. This year I was charged twice, couldn't download the bonus songs when they were released, I paid 20 dollars more than if I was living in the US and I will again be waiting long after the album was released to actually receive the CD and lithograph. I love Serj and I enjoy getting the limited release packages but the level of service, outside of the States at least, has been less than favorable. It seems that if I had waited to submit my order I actually would have been serviced through a Canadian company called Rhino Records and I would have paid less rather than the 48 dollars Canadian I was charged by Warner Elektra.


:( why not in Perú? the people need music

Hi Serj!

Maby you will never read this but I can try ;)
I'm a big SOAD fan from Italy but last year I couldn't come to the show in Milano. My biggest dream is to hear you live so I'd love you to do a show in Italy in 2012 - 2013. It would make me the happiest girl in the world ;) Lots of italian fans are waiting for you!


I havent seen this for too

I havent seen this for too long but ultil now, I couldnt help myself to get excited every time I read this very interesting Post. Good old days.

I Need Your Help!

Serj, I am frankie, I come from Venezuela
sorry for my English is not fluent in English and use a translator.

Well, the point is that I am a fan of SOAD
and I have a facebook page about SOAD Fans
then, we would like everyone in the page that you will publish a commentary on it the truth is that we would really
because we would realize that really is worth fighting for it,
then wanted to know if you could post a greeting and what you think of the page

and without anything to say, just telling you that I admire very much and admire SOAD
this is the page:
I repeat, do not speak English, I use a translator

if you read this, THANK YOU!

Thanks you for YOUR and MY voices :)

Hi, Salam, Shallom Serj,

I want to thank you again for all the pleasure, the happiness, the emotion and feelings you give us since few years.

My neighbours wants also to thank you for something else : I always sing (or "shout" ?? .. ) when I'm listening SOAD or you. But since 4 weeks now, i don't have voice anymore. The doctor told me it is a nodule (a problem on my voice, I think it is the same word in english, sorry if I don't speak so well, I am french) because i sing (shoot? :))) to much.

So the house is very quite now ... but ... soon, the revenge because the doctor is teaching me how to use my voice correctly so I ll be able to sing much better :))
Thank you very much for this present (for me and my neughbours!), I will learn how to use my voice on the good way because of you :))

I send you many good vibrations from Bordeaux (city of history, slaves, wine and good food) and if you want to visit this beautiful city one day, just ask :)

Peace, love, and respect,


Hello Serj

Serj ,
I am a videomaker and activist in Brazil. A vratia. I feel great respect and admiration for his work. Go in search ...

My project is:
Peace, Love and much Light!

Karla "Gnomo"

Hola Serj, mi nombre es

Hola Serj, mi nombre es Daniel soy de Chile y soy un admirador de tuyo desde que te conocí en System Of A Down. Te quiero decir que eres un maestro en la música y espero que vengas pronto a tu gira por Chile. Lo bueno es que vienes ahora con SOAD en Octubre y eso me alegró mucho. Bueno eso te quería decir que tengas una larga vida y muy sana para seguir escuchando tu excelente música.
Se despide un admirador tuyo de Chile.

Daniel S.

Hiii Serj, i just registered

Hiii Serj, i just registered here and i'm really glad that here i'm able to thank you for your amazing performance on 14th Aug. I was there near the stage and it was really fantastic.As an Armenian (Iranian Armenian living in Armenia) I'm really proud of you.Thank you for all the things you do for recognition of Armenian genocide.It means a lot to us.

Hope to see you soon again in Armenia
I really like to see your performance with a rock gig this time.

Love you and your music so much

Peace Corps Volunteer in Azerbaijan: "Please Come to Eurovision!

Hi Serj,
I'm writing to you as a long-time and--words fail!--HUGE fan who is now an American Peace Corps Volunteer in Azerbaijan. I've lived in this country for almost a year and I'm ever increasingly aware of its conflict with Armenia. Overall, the people of this country want peace and Eurovision 2012 is an incredible opportunity to promote this. In the post-Soviet era, Eurovision is the likely the first example to Azerbaijanis of art as a medium which can effect mutual understanding and peace.
I believe that art is not not bound by social contructs or conflicts. I believe that "in harmony we find unity in diversity." Please, Serj, perform in the 2012 Eurovision that will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan, and be a catalyst for change.

Thank You and Jump Pogo Pogo Pogo BOUNCE!,
Kiersten Yanni


I'm here to change the world, lend a man a hand.

Oh, and, the creators fault and guilt are irrelevant to the things it'd take to make the culture and intellectual transition.

Better words - The more people for it, the better. If the world can turn right side up more smoothly without them taking direct responsibility, so be it. We can't let primal justice ( even if often an progressive requirement ) sabotage the actual priorities. In this current situation, the need for quick change now is strong enough to both bring us to our knees, and make us stand like giants.

The skepticism of Einstein, the creativity of Socrates, the common sense of Ivan, and the parts added by the giant that is you. Be part of a new age understanding. - the unbiased development.

To the skeptic of deception-in honor but not lead of SerjTankian

Inevitability's are hard to debate, but unfortunantly most people's perspectives are too narrow to comprehend the multiple sides involved in any given scenario.
Pretend that the government thinks more about human development than you do. Now, this means the world governments know that our psyches are fragile and easily influenced. Originally, and as expected, they'd rather be the force to maintain that control, as influence spreads like waves or butterfly effects. Though, originally also claiming to lack the resources for a proper education, their tactics become a bit crude and off base, eventually they decay from the inside out. Propaganda from past events ends up having un-expected contradictions.
Their quick actions and regulations made against things which may have direct negative consequences on a piece of the system they're capable of registering leads to even more un-expected reactions because of the shear amount of tension created by overlapping restraints.
Furthermore, the promoted emotional perceptions are as illusionary as it gets. Though they're built to be authentic, they're a reaction to associations. Not a general inevitable emotional guideline. The billions of associations ( See Ivan Pavlov, follow it up with Socrates, throw in some memory, and add contemplation ) go as far as creating the chemicals. As everything is physical, the cognativably touchable subconscious mind is no exception to the rule, as changes to it inevitably have an instant physical reaction.
Furthermore this expresses extreme corruption in the modern psychiatric market and the grants given to publish certain work for a face in the field of psychology, while also gunking up any potential rate of intellectual and especially psychological cultural growth. ( RESPONSES ARE APPRECIATED )


Serj is a great man he stand for a lot of what is good in the world. He exposes what is wrong with the world and for that he will alway have our thanks

Hi Serj... and Hi everyone !!!!!

I want to tell everybody, that the first time i listened to Serj's voice and words, i discovered the real meaning of POETRY ! ... A big hug from Italy !

Armenian Genocide project

Dear whoever is reading this (preferably Serj),

What i'm about to email is very important and I am in desperate need of contacting Serj directly. I have tried everything to contact him and this is my last hope.

I am writing about a serious topic in which I have chosen to research about for a school project. My topic is the Armenian genocide. I have chosen you of all people to contact for this project for I know you have direct ties into the genocide through your grandfather. I also know that you are extremely persistent on the public acknowledging the Armenian genocide. The project I am doing is going to be presented in front of my whole school including public visitors. What better way to spread your message than by presenting it in front of thousands of people. I would be delighted if I could contact in any way possible, weather through a video conference or through email; or even in person. Please whoever is reading this, I need you to try and get this to Serj directly. Not his manager, not the site administrator, Serj himself. My name is Harrison Armstrong and my email is

Thank you for your time.


when will you come to Portugal with the system I would love, I'm a kid and really liked you to come to Portugal to play a concert in albufera.

Special Edition arrived with no Canvas or Brushes????????

Did anyone else have their special edition package come with no canvas or brushes???? I am in Canada and distribution is through Rhino Records. Album finally came today and was missing the extra stuff. I have contacted them and am now waiting a response, just curious if anyone else got the same.


Yes i have just pre-order the imperfect harmonies limited edition...come to me early new wonderfull album!

Ladies and gentleman I'm here

Hi to everyone i'm andrea from Milano,Italy.
I'm twenty five years old and Serj is my god of music.He gave me emotions that no other group or singer can never give to me.I have just seen his concert in Milano and It's wonderfull.See you soon serj's fan.

hola serj

hola serj soy uno de miles de tus admiradores :) soy de venezuela espero q bayas de gira por el pais e ohido todas tu canciones con SOAD Y TODAS DE TU NUEVO DISCO
espero q ganes muchos premios responde a este mensaje plz
aki tienes mi correo electronico
chao XD asi se despiden en mi pais


Perhaps, as you know, the control of activities of a singer or band has its staff, and even his record producer but they don't manage your personal life, only his life as a singer and go to a country is YOUR DESITION. Are already many years with a career and has not even come once to South America? and I find most absurd that considering that human rights struggle and South America has too many social problems.

perhaps exaggerating, but I must not be the only one who feels ignored by a situation so.

Peace and xoxo.

@ Francisca_Red

Perhaps not being able to tour South America was just the booking and wasn't his fault, I don't see why he wouldn't want to spread his music and love everywhere! Peace

I have a complaint

I have said in many places, including e- mails sent to staff of Serj, but I have not had a reply, I suppose this is the best place to say what I feel.

I find it ironic and even absurd not to make a tour of South America if he had always fought for equality, criticized society and their governments. Perhaps South America doesn't have enough political problems to be reason enough for to come Serj? ... we have to accumulate some kind of points then?, I don't understand. I know to come to South America is more a loss than a gain, but Serj has said he does not care about borders, more so should come. For now, the only perception I have is that once again is a marketing strategy to fool people. I hope I'm wrong.

Right now I'm devoting all my free time (which is little) to make a community in Chile for Serj. Nobody has asked me, I do own initiative, because I appreciate the work of Serj and because I admire him as a human being and I want my work is not in vain.


Thanks for the space

Besides all the benefits for fans, is a way to listen to us, especially in South America.

Cool site :) Know what'd be

Cool site :) Know what'd be even cooler?
If Serj did another answer the fan's questions kinda thing :D Let me know if this happens please, I have many geeky questions that are still unanswered in the FAQ's :)

I love the new Site

I absolutely adore this new site :D I wonder if Serj has a profile here. :) that'd be incredible, just to know he's reading what we post :D Keep Electro-Orchestral-Jazz-Rockin' Serj!

Here in Brazil, we have not

Here in Brazil, we have not news =/

The new Tour... wtf?

The new Tour. Does Serj singing "Elect the Dead Symphonie" or "Imperfect Harmonies"? I dont know because the new album will be release at 7th september.

please answer here and via privat messege

thanks a lot.