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Come See Serj's Musical Paintings and Serj Today

Come See Serj's Musical Paintings and Serj Today


Come see my musical paintings.

I’ll be hanging out at Project Gallery in Hollywood, CA from 1 – 4 p.m. on Friday, November 15 and Saturday, November 16.

If you don’t live in LA, but want to get a taste of the exhibition, CLICK HERE

Limited editions of some artwork available HERE

Thank you all for the love & support.

Peace - Serj

EFS Invite

It's pretty exciting and what we can look forward to.

agree with you

The best idea of all time, could only come from someone like Serj.
I am completely in love with this man extremely passionate.

This is NOT art, it's a musician slapping paint on a canvas and calling it art. These works wouldn't even pass at entry student level. There's no eye for design at all. Nothing more than a big ego gone out of control. True artists strive to understand the world around them everyday. There's more to art than this shit. And even as a fan I"m offended.