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More Updates From Armenia!

More Updates From Armenia!

Hey Friends,

Greetings from Armenia! Yesterday I was very happy to be part of a forum discussion that covered a multitude of issues in Armenia. If you are interested, you can check out the complete interview and Q&A session here.

There was also a local paper that misquoted me regarding a question about Eurovision and System Of A Down. My full and correct quote which you will also find in this video (at 33:45) is:

"I'm not exactly sure. From what I've seen for Eurovision, it's not, it kinda, quality-wise, it kinda sucks. So, I'm not sure exactly if that's the venue for System of a Down, but politically I understand what you mean and I think something like that politically would be a great idea to do."

Thanks again for all of your continued support and kind words :)


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Thanks for the updates Serj,its always nice hear you...when i see you i see a Sun,you have light my dear ....keep moving =)


ps: hope see you soon here in Rio de Janeiro again

Maria Fernanda Makal

Serj I love your music.

The youtube user who posted this has deleted his account. Does anyone have a link to a working copy of the vid posted above please. I'd really like to watch it.
Thank you in advance.

how good you're happy Serj!:)

i Love you!:3

Ahh, I forgot to say ... I love you

Hi, Serj, again I'm stalking you, to be able to tell you how special you are in my life!
And also to wish him congratulations on this anniversary more!
That life gives you a path and it is lined with roses!

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In case if you won't understand Armenian :)

Dear Tankian Happy Birthday, we love you so much here in Armenia, let God success of any given case. Thank you for being with us and for the work that you do for solution of genocide issue.

-and Happy Birthday Serj! 44 years, I wish I could have been around the first 25 years on the same beautiful planet as you. Peace to you always! Thank you for the years of simply amazing music, your grace and all that makes you, you. I can never adequately express my gratitude.


Happy birthday Serj :) 44 Years of peace !
Best Wishes from France.

Happy Birthday Serj, I wish You to stay such a good man, as You are and many inspirations. Good day!

Happy birthday, dear Serj!!

Happy Birthday Serj jan <3 Armenia loves you!!!!

Happy Birthday Serj Tankian! And thank you very much for your great music! Best wishes from Russia.

Congratz from Sweden, Mr Mastermind. Thank you for everything, you've helped me to open up my mind. "Fear is the cause of separations"

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SERJ!!! i love you very much and wish you an eternity of happiness. i also hope you have an epic day tomorrow on your very special day!

i am also very grateful that we have such a wonderful and amazing human being, like yourself, to look up to. you and everything you do makes me so happy! there is not enough room inside me for everything i feel for you, i am going to burst with joy!

you are the sun that shines into my heart everyday! keep shining and always know that everyone loves you!

PS my Bday is also tomorrow, but i will be thinking of you all day!

Peace and Love... Angel

Serj!!!! Happy b-day!! 21.08.11!!!!!

Cheers from Mexico city! See you soon!!!


Muchas felicidades!!!!!!!! :D

Every word you speak, truth - strikes a chord in me Serj, thank you for being you. I'll always be here to support you.

I appreciate all you do, thank you.

Serj we are waiting you in Lebanon !

omg SERJ you are great
everything you said is sooo true
but if you knew how it is difficult to release all this in Armenia
the Armenian government is foot to head corrupted
there are many ppl who really want to make a change & have potential for it, & but no on literally no one will support them, won't finance & moreover the government will set obstacles for these change-makers!
still many many Armenians leave the country to find a better life

OMG Its Serj's Bday in 4 days :O I can't believe he's gonna b 44 :O he doesnt look a day over 25 XD <3

Right Serj jan!!! Yeah, politically it's a good idea but it isn't for System Of A Down! and much less in azerbaijan? huh no, they don't deserve it. btw Eurovision is for not so famous artists who want to make a name for themselves. no, it's not your place.

Serj is wearing glasses half the time?!?! That surprised me. And the fact that he said he'll probably have kids, when he's turning 44 next week....>_>