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Serj Tankian: Where I'm From

Serj Tankian: Where I'm From

Check out Serj's Interview with KCET below:


I love him so much. The day they came to Argentina and I had the chance to see them at 3m away from me, was one of the greatest days of my life; I kept on crying for months remembering that moment! haha
I hope I have the chance to see him again and this time meet him personally.
Such an inspirational person, and example to follow, thank you Serj.

Happy birthday my dear SERJ !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday, my hero ;D

That interview... I can imagine what's gonna happen in my head when I'll go to sleep!

aaaand! MESSAGE FOR SERJ: I acutally have no words on you Serj... I can only say that I've worked on that video through loooong time and the wishes in the end of that I wrote from the deepest part of my heart. So... Check it out and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY MASTER! :]]

Happy birthday :) Have a lovely day. All the best :)

Your MUSIC and ART changed my life for better...I Would like to thank u for everything! Happy B-Day Serj!