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Imperfect Harmonies Photo Shoot 15

Imperfect Harmonies Photo Shoot 15

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I love love this pic!!! doesn't seem fair that someone with that great of a voice be so attractive as well ;)

He is beautiful.

Ok clearly i should not write any thing here that may worry Serj (pritty faced man) so uh Superb voice and a Character keep it up dude and id love to here some traditional Armenian tracks i heard the one with his father and i still play the video thats a pure harmonic

man of the world's most beautiful voice :)

Awesome shoot! Serj You like like a teenager:) Bravooooo

*-* Serj is so Beautiful

Your'e the man, found your music in NZ when i hit rock bottom but am now in Australia and still listening, just hooked up wit your website, finally found a picture of you and youre the man.............

So adorable! You are hands down, a living legend. You're a lyrical genius!

VERY HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol you look like your hiding. :P

you are very handsome in the most perfect way possible!!! you have a very sexy mouth! Gyah...can i have you? o_o;


Мне нравится это фото!

HE is soo BEAUTIFUL! :)

U r gr8 musician and handsome too ;)

A great singer!

Someday I'll be half the musician that Serj Tankian is Adam

Bello...come il sole! :)

but he is looking sad?

*w*!!!! so divine... :O_____

love it ... :)

the true i don't speak english
i speak spanish
but anyway i love you
I like as sing
and I like your poetry :)

very beautiful

a kiss sent by Brazil. Love you so much ♥

Ohh....<3 :-*