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Statement From Serj Regarding Kessab, Syria

Dear Friends,

Please join me in asking our members of congress to demand that the Senate and House intelligence committees investigate Turkey's role in the Al Qaeda linked attacks on the city of Kessab in Syria, where more than 2000 Armenians were driven from their homes. These people were all survivors of the Armenian Genocide who had settled there after the First World War.

Thank you for your time and take action HERE


Review Of Serj's Orca & Elect The Dead Symphony Performance In Christchurch

Below is a great review of the show by David Farrier of TV3 in New Zealand.

Christchurch enjoys its rock and metal, so it’s perhaps no surprise Serj Tankian was greeted to a huge round of applause when he took to the stage at the CBS Arena. One of the most recognisable and respected voices in rock, we don’t see Tankian perform often here. Tonight was special.

Serj Talks About His 2014 Plans With TV3

Tomorrow night, Serj Tankian is playing a one-off show at Christchurch's CBS Arena.
Known to many as the frontman of System of a Down, for many this concert will show a different side to the Grammy-award winning musician.

He'll be joined on stage by the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra, who will perform some of Serj's symphony found on his recent Orca album.

He'll also be performing with them as they rock through his Elect the Dead record.

Nylon Guys Interviews Serj About His Disarming Time Paintings

From: Nylon Guys

Eye For Sound App Tutorial

To fully experience Serj's musical paintings, follow the steps below:

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